Van Cleef & Arpels copyright dispute in favor of the design worl

Published: Saturday 14 May, 2016

On Monday, the famous French luxury jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels claims, made a landmark victory in a lawsuit with the former designer works on copyright issues, and the result of this will have a major impact on the design profession directivity. On Friday, the Paris court ruled that a former employee of the name Van Cleef - The plaintiff Thierry Berthelot did not have enough evidence to prove his work during the Van Cleef work belongs to him personally, his design results should be used as a collective work of Van Cleef company, rather than as individual works of intellectual property ownership.

And because in the case of a seven-year trial, the plaintiff had been hidden drawings of these works, so the court ruled that in addition to these works are the property of the company, but also sentenced to pay the plaintiff Berthelot € 10,000 compensation. Van Cleef side said that this decision is a comfort for the company, his lawyer is sure that this ruling has reached an unprecedented depth and clarity: "This (design copyright works OK) brought anxious for the French luxury goods manufacturing clearly point to the need, in all handicrafts and creative sector, the lack of a clear definition of this state for many years has been caused by panic, this is a positive signal.

" And Berthelot's lawyers argued in court road, Berthelot is independent of the creative process, not the employer's instructions, when executed, Berthelot holds over 500 works sketch. He has said it will continue to appeal to the Supreme Court. Fordham University law professor Susan Scafidi on the case expressed his views: "It's not a simple transfer of rights, but the rights of a gray area to give a clear point wider impact of this case lies. for those star designers, such as Gucci have been working in Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld or if he left Chanel, then they can no longer claim once creative works of their own.

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